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Workers’ Educational Association (WEA)

Workers’ Educational AssociationThe Workers’ Educational Association (WEA) started way back at the beginning of the 20th Century in 1903. Originally it was formed to support the educational needs of working men and women who could not afford to access further or higher education. From its inception, a large branch network spread its tentacles through many towns and villages. The programme of events is planned and run by volunteers who come together to provide part time day and evening courses for people in the local area. The tutors are professional and most of them work part time for the WEA.

Today the WEA is a national charity supported through funding from the Skills and Funding Agency. However, unfortunately in the past few years, a number of branches have had to close due to lack of volunteers.   Long Sutton is very fortunate to have a small but thriving WEA branch in the village. We run two evening courses of 6-8 weeks one in the spring and the other in the autumn and we have an occasional day school.


Autumn Course

Our most recent course, "The Discovery of the Natural World", explored the history of the world's wildlife and its discovery. Each week, our tutor Stephen Parker, focussed on a different topic: animals, plants, geology and paleontology, ecology and climate, human evolution, environmental records and citizen science. Each week was as fascinating as the last and we were left with plenty of information to follow up on our particular areas of interest. 


Field Trips

Many of our courses have follow-up field trips.

For past Field Trips here.



Day School:
Saturday April 6th "G W Railway"
Professional Tutor: Michael Turner.

The Day School will trace the history of the GWR (1833-1947), soaking up the atmosphere of a company which inspired deep loyalty from both passengers and staff. The illustrated talk will cover engineering, architecture and social history. It will also include aspects of the GWR in Somerset.

Venue: LSVH
Fee: £30 to include a buffet lunch.
Contact for this course is Kim Bailey

An afternoon with Jane Crozier.
Wednesday 15th May "Birds in Poetry"

The bird is traditionally an image of the poetic voice and, as such, held much appeal for poets of the Romantic period – and beyond. We shall read about the nightingale and the skylark, of course, but also the snipe and the owl, always looking to discover the poets’ perspective on each bird – from the ethereal to the terrestrial, from the fanciful to the carefully observed. 

Venue: LSVH
Fee: £10 to include tea and cake.
Contact for this course is Stephanie Sales, 01458 241855, stephaniesales@btinternet.com


Kim Bailey
Tel: 01935 850077
E: wealongsutton@gmail.com 


The courses are planned and run by Team Long Sutton:
Kim Bailey
Doreen Harvey
Stephanie Sales
Dick Sheppard

Our emphasis is on learning for pleasure.


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