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Village Agent

 Hi everyone.

Have any of you seen the new £1 coin yet?

Sightings are, as yet, thin on the ground, compared with hearing the cuckoo and winning more than £2.50 on the lottery.

More useful to every day life are some new projects as listed below.

Community Council for Somerset who run the Village Agent project are also working to support Positive People a new scheme which is  part of 'Building Better Opportunities',  a European Social Fund/Big Lottery project delivered by a partnership lead by Pluss. The project's aim is to "support disadvantaged people aged 18 and over towards and into employment." 'Employment', in this case, also includes the pathway or progression to employment; and measures of success include:

  • Building confidence
  • Taking part in training
  • Education
  • Volunteering

This project is in its infancy so do follow the links or give me a call to find out more.

Universal Credit Another event run by us is on 19th May at the new Westlands entertainment centre 09.00-13.00.  There will be a variety of speakers and stands available so that you can discuss how you can organize your benefits and what you are now eligible for.  Well worth a visit as the transfer to universal credit is not proving a smooth ride.....

Happy Holidays

It's the Spring Hurrah!  That means lots of Bank Holidays! Hurrah! Which means that the bins will be emptied a day late on four occasions after Bank Holidays between Easter and Whitsun.  Lots of us got caught out at Christmas when they turned up on the bank holiday day after Boxing day at 7am. It wasn't good missing the Christmas collection as you can imagine!  Phone 0300 123 2224 for tip openings and collection times.

Usual collection day

Revised collection   day

Good Friday 14 April

Saturday 15 April

Easter Week   Monday 17 April –   Friday 21 April

All collections one   day later   (Friday pick-ups on Saturday 22 April)

EarlyMay Bank   Holiday   Monday 1 May – Friday 5 May

All collections one   day later   (Friday pick-ups on Saturday 6 May)

Spring Bank Holiday   Monday 29 May – Friday 2 June

All collections one   day later   (Friday pick-ups on Saturday 3 June)

Summer Bank Holiday   Monday 28 August – Friday 1 September

All collections one   day later   (Friday pick-ups on Saturday 2 September)

And while we are on the subject - do you know what goes in which box? It is important as they hold the box to each side of vehicle and throw the rubbish in each section. Green Box - paper, unbroken glass bottles and jars, and aluminium foil Black Box - food tins and drinks cans, squashed if you can, empty aerosols, small amounts of cardboard folded flat, and brown envelopes. You can put textiles in plastic bags with a label, and shoes tied in pairs in a bag, to keep them dry. Somerset has to pay to put items in land fill so if we recycle, we get more money to put into other services!

Village Agents are a charity who give advice on staying  independent in your home, managing your finances, queries about transport, becoming a carer, starting social groups and just about anything! You can find me at local coffee mornings and events or call and email me.

Cath Holloway – Village Agent

Cath HollowayMy role is to support people in living efficiently and independently and to negotiate the number of services available in South Somerset.  I am also available to help build closer communities by supporting the set up of local groups.  So do give me a call on 07968 521746 or email cath@somersetrcc.org.uk. If you think I can help.  My support is free and confidential courtesy of our super funders.

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