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Changes to use of vans and trailers at recycling centres

Aug 19, 2016

SSDC Waste Partnership is planning to introduce new measures to cut congestion, improve services and enhance safety at recycling sites from Monday 3 October.
Adverts will appear in most papers this week (and reminders around 1 and 8 September) plus a release will be sent tomorrow and social media will be used.
A briefing paper describes the new system and key points, including:

  • The vast majority of existing site customers use cars (including estates, 4x4s, people carriers, campervans) to take household waste to recycling sites. They will not be affected in any way (except to find shorter queues from 3 October).
  • A small percentage of household users have cars with trailers or have vans - they will need to apply online for a free van and/or trailer permit.
  • A far smaller number of household users have bigger vans, large trailers, use horseboxes or turn up with a tractor. These few will no longer have access to sites for household waste.
  • And those with addresses outside Somerset cannot get a permit for a van or trailer.

The website for details and permits will be "live" shortly, and the system itself will begin at recycling sites from Monday 3 October.

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