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Solar Panel project complete

Dec 15, 2015

VH Solar Panels RearThose of you walking or driving past the Village Hall recently will have noticed the large array of solar panels now adorning the roof. Work on the installation of a Photo Voltaic Array (PVA) was completed last Friday the 11th December and is already generating electricity to feed into the National Grid.

The project, which was led by George Farenden on behalf of the Parish Council, is funded by a Government loan which will be repaid over a 9 year period. During that time, the income generated will serve to repay the loan and the surplus used by the Parish Council for Village projects. It is expected that the Village Hall will be the main beneficiary and will help to speed up some of the refurbishment projects that the Village Hall Committee have been working through. Once the loan is repaid, all of the income will become available for the benefit of the Parish.
VH Solar Panels FrontReducing carbon emissions is a hot topic at the moment with the recent signing of an international agreement on climate change. Long Sutton can be proud to be doing its bit in generating green energy. Some nice sunshine would make the output of the array even better!

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