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Telephone chaos in Long Sutton

Mar 20, 2015

BT Engineers at workTelephone chaos in Long Sutton!

Many residents in Long Sutton have been suffering with telephone outages during the first two weeks of March. It seems that this has been caused by some work upgrading the cables from the telephone exchange to the roadside cabinet. The work is being undertaken to prepare for superfast broadband services but, what should have been a straightforward project, seems to have run into major problems. Errors in the wiring from a previous installation have given the engineers a real headache, with many residents having lost their telephone and broadband services for several days. Others have have found that their calls were being diverted elsewhere in the village causing considerable confusion! Hopefully the engineers are getting on top of the situation with most outages being cleared by Friday 20th March.

The good news for those that want better broadband speeds is that superfast is nearly with us.

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