Village Hall Committee Vacancy

Sep 19, 2018

This group of volunteers carries out the day-to-day running of the Village Hall on behalf of the Charity Trustees who are collectively the Long Sutton Parish Council.

We number four Parishioners; three Councillors also attend the meetings which are held roughly monthly. We must have a Chairman, a Booking Clerk, a Secretary and a Treasurer and luckily all these posts are currently filled but there will be a vacancy before Christmas. We are also extremely fortunate in having a small number of co-opted volunteers.

However, we need more co-opted volunteers to help with the increasing administration load as well as physical help with some minor housekeeping tasks. For example, a monthly inspection of the Hall and the Recreation areas from a safety view point is needed. This is a simple task that, with training, can be easily done when walking a dog or taking a stroll. The time needed for any of the voluntary jobs is minimal - literally a few hours a month.

At a recent meeting the people of Long Sutton have recently shown how much community assets are held in high regard. Here is an opportunity for you help in the running of just one such asset; the Village Hall and Recreation Ground.

Please get involved and contact either:

Tony Ellerbeck
01458 241 334
Ruby Coombes
07891 161756